Collab:VisItWiki build pitfalls

Unresolved QGL widget when linking viewer

If your link line for the viewer contains unresolved references to the QGL widget, then Qt was not built with OpenGL support. This is often because you need to add a "-thread" to Qt's configure line. If that doesn't work, run Qt's configure as: "configure -verbose" and look through the output for the section on OpenGL:

OpenGL auto-detection... ()
 Found GLU lib in /usr/X11R6/lib
 Found GL lib in /usr/lib
 Found Xmu lib in /usr/X11R6/lib
 Found GL/gl.h in /usr/include
 Found GL/glu.h in /usr/include
OpenGL enabled.

If Qt can't find OpenGL, then it will give up on building QGL support. If this is the case, your output in the configure line will indicate that one of the files it was looking for (probably GL lib) was "not found". If Qt can't locate the file, then this is probably indicative of a bad OpenGL installation.

Can't set compiler for CMake's Bootstrap program

If you try:

env CC=gcc CXX=g++ CXXFLAGS="" CFLAGS="" ./bootstrap

And it doesn't use the suggested compiler, then you have probably run into a bootstrap bug. Bootstrap remembers the compilers from the first time you ran bootstrap. It squirrels those compilers choices away for subsequents usages. Your best bet is to remove the CMake directory and try again from scratch.