Compiling visit

This page details how to compile VisIt on Unix/Mac. A separate page exists for compiling on Windows . For a broader perspective, see How VisIt's compilation system works.

This section is for compiling VisIt the second time after you've already run build_visit once.

Setting up the .cmake file

build_visit generated a <Computer Name>.cmake file. That file should be placed in the /src/config-site directory.

Running cmake

VisIt uses cmake to generate a build system. For more information, see VisIt CMake Build System. A typical cmake command line line is:




Parallel builds are not done by default unless you passed --parallel to build_visit. For more information about building Parallel click here

Parallel builds

A wiki page for porting in parallel is here .

Building VisIt

  make -j 4

After you have run configure now you run make to build VisIt and it's libraries using 4 g++ tasks.