Parallel streaming

"Parallel streaming" leverages a module written by Martin Isenburg and Peter Lindstrom.


There are several pitfalls to using the module right now:

  1. The file format reader must instantiate and populate an avtIsenburgSGG
  2. The code for avtGenericDatabase must be modified to force ghost zone creation
  3. The proc_ids in avtIsenburgSGG have to match the assignments made in LoadBalancer
  4. You have to enter -lb-stream on the command line.
  5. The "collective communication" checks appear to be off.
    • For example, don't use "percent" in the slice.
    • And you have to manually select your isovalues.
  6. Make sure optimizations that subselect blocks are off. (Turn off interval trees.)
  7. You must send exactly one variable through the pipeline (no subset/mesh plots, no multivariable pipelines)