PySide Integration

Overview of Modifications


Task Details Status
Download & build all pyside components. Create combined pyside source tarball, integrate build into build_visit. Done
PySide module install path Make sure pyside installs its python module into visit's python (avoid symlinking) Need to resolve
Solve PySide's use of (DY)LD_LIBRARY_PATH Find out if we can influence the build to link things properly and prevent use of (DY)LD_LIBRARY_PATH Done

VisIt's CMake Setup

Task Details Status
Enable Pyside (config-site) Via HAVE_PYSIDE and VISIT_PYSIDE_DIR in progress
Create Cmake/FindPySide.cmake Create cmake helpers PYSIDE_ADD_MODULE, PYSIDE_ADD_GENERATOR_TARGET. Add `make install' support for required libs. in progress
Path for created modules. We shouldn't install our pyside modules directly into visit's python install (this may be shared by other users). One possible solution: Place in std lib folder, prefix all pyside modules with "pyside_" and make sure the cli knows how to find them. in progress


  • Virtual changes to ViewerProxy
  • ViewerProxy Factory
  • PySide Event Loop Hook