Query over time

Obviously, VisIt has its own query over time functionality. The purpose of this example is:

  1. Illustrative of what you can do with the CLI
  2. To provide a skeleton if you want to do something that is reminiscent of a query over time, but with a variant that cannot be done with the standard functionality.
  3. Allow you to get results in double precision. (The current query over time outputs its results in floating point precision.)

This function will generate a file named "query_over_time.ultra". You can put it directly into the Commands window on the gui.

 def DoublePrecisionQueryOverTime():
   f = open("query_over_time.ultra", "w")
   for i in range(TimeSliderGetNStates()):
     t = GetQueryOutputValue()
     Query("Weighted Variable Sum")
     t2 = GetQueryOutputValue()
     str = "%25.15e %25.15e\n" %(t, t2)