There are two parts to this section:

  1. Features for making a better movie.
  2. Example scripts.

Features for making a better movie

Cues on curve plots

  • Open example.silo, make a plot of temp_slice and draw. Then make a lineout.
  • Go to the window that contains the resulting lineout.
  • Bring up the attributes of the curve plot.
  • There are multiple settings for providing a cue.
  • Enable the "line".
  • Set the position of the cue to be 4. This will be the location of the cue.
  • Apply. You'll see a line for a cue.
  • Try them all. Note that "ball" has a poor interface.

Legend attributes

  • Make window #1 be active.
  • Go to Controls->Annotations and select the tab for Annotation Objects.
  • Find the legend object.
  • Turn off the title and min/max.
  • Turn on the labeling and make labels for "2=cold" and "5=hot".

Multi-window saves

  • Go to File->Set save options
  • Under the "Standard save" option, note there is a "Save tiled" option
  • Enable that and save a window. You get the two windows concatenated.
  • Now disable "Save tiled", go to the tab for "Advanced multi-window save", and enable the "Do Advanced Multi-Window save" option.
  • Set the window size to be 1024 x 1024
  • Put window #1 as size 1024 1024, position 0 0 and at layer 2.
  • Put window #2 as size 256 256, position 767 767 and at layer 1.
  • Apply and save. The final image has window 2 embedded into window 1.

Fixing this image

The curve plot looks ugly.

  1. Bring up the curve attributes and disable the "labels" and "legend".
  2. Set the line size to be "4".
  3. Go to Controls->View and set the Curve view / viewport to be 0.05 0.95 0.05 0.95
  4. Go to Controls->Annotations and disable the user info, and database.
  5. Save again. Looks better now.

Example with script

  1. Here's a script that demonstrates the features on a single time slice: here
  2. Here's a script that demonstrates animated streamlines over time: here

Example of real movie

This movie looked at results from the Nek5000 code. The following script makes this movie.

Here are some details:

This movie was composed of four main parts:

  1. Animating over time while zoomed in. (The zoom in view is referred to as "J3".)
    • This section is referred to as "J3", because J3 is a location in the volume.
  2. Animating over time again while animating the camera
    • This section is referred to as "fly"
  3. Animating over time while zoomed out
    • This section is referred to as "starwars"
  4. Animating a clip plane while animating in time
    • This section is referred to as "clip"

The simulation is of turbulent flow in a nuclear reactor. Because it is so turbulent, we decided to loop the time-varying data over and over. So each section is repeating the same data.

Also, because it takes so long to read in each time slice, we rendered each of the four movie sections (J3, fly, starwars, & clip) while the time slice was in memory.

Here's the script.