VisIt 2.0 Planning

Release Schedule

  • We plan to release in the rough vicinity of October
  • We will make approximately 2 preview releases (whatever their name, e.g. "zeta")
    • these releases will be tested as any other major release
  • 1.12 is the "officially supported" tree.
    • meant to handle fastbit, named selections, + time-critical enhancements.
  • a 1.13 release (off of 1.12) hasn't been ruled out.

Next Steps

Below are the major topics with leaders and/or interested members. In the next ~2 weeks from January 15, we plan to make significant progress working towards the desires, goals, and plans on each topic. We will re-convene (i.e. have another whole-group teleconference) in about two weeks to touch base concerning progress.

(It might be worthwhile to create new wiki pages for each topic.)

Rough ordering

Tier 1: everything else could be impacted by this

  • Component architecture overhaul
  • Data model limitations

Tier 2: big stuff, but less dependents

  • Rendering overhaul
  • Big GUI changes
  • More than 1 discrete dimension
  • Multi-resolution
  • Creating new sources, queries/expressions/operators
  • Parallelism over time

Tier 3: more isolated, or already in progress

  • New Python interface
  • Caching
  • Build process
  • Native precision
  • Parallel, e.g. errors, factoring out MPI
  • Plugin changes, incl. database detection
  • Subsetting, named selections
  • Python filters


This schedule fits the constraints as best as possible, but is not 100% ideal since someone "also interested" in some topic has said they may be unavailable for its date (i.e. it's not all 3's from the table below; there are a couple 2's). More importantly, though, we may not be visiting them in the best order: far-reaching, effort-heavy topics should come first. So if we skip some topic, can get through them any faster than one per week, or can address one in a side-teleconference, it might help. Feel free to contact Jeremy if you want the teleconference line to schedule an out-of-band telecon with the interested parties.

  • May 18: Component architecture overhaul
  • June 1: Data model limitations
  • June 8: Creating new sources
  • June 15: Parallelism over time
  • June 22: (skip)
  • June 29: Plugin changes, incl. database detection
  • July 6: Python filters
  • July 13: (too many conflicts this week; let's leave it open for bonus topics)
  • July 20: Caching
  • July 27: (too many conflicts; cancelling)
  • August 3: New Python interface
  • August 10: (nothing)
  • August 13: Rendering
  • August 17: (nothing)
  • August 24: Parallel, e.g. errors, factoring out MPI
  • August 31: Big GUI changes
  • Sept 14: (cancelled)
  • Sept 21: (cancelled)
  • remaining:
Topic Required (interested) parties
More than 1 discrete dimension Jeremy, Hank (and ideally also: Mark, Sean, Gunther)
Subsetting/Named Selections Hank, Mark (and ideally also: Eric, Jeremy)
Native Precision Brad, Gunther, Cyrus, Hank, Mark, Kathleen, (and ideally also: Eric, Jeremy)
Multi-resolution Hank, Gunther, (and ideally also: Tom, Mark, Eric, Sean, Paul)
revisit GUI discussion (as per Notes from 3/31 telecon) Brad, Cyrus, Jeremy (present at last telecon, had tasks), and also possibly interested: Eric, Gunther, Allen
queries/expressions/operators unification Dave, Jeremy, Sean, (and if possible: Mark, Kathleen, Cyrus)

Working Groups for Major Topics

Cross-Platform Build

  • Leader: B & K
  • Required: Brad, Kathleen
  • Also interested: Jeremy, Tom, Eric, Cyrus
  • More information: Cross-Platform Build


  • Leader: Hank
  • Required: Hank, Gunther
  • Also interested: Tom, Mark, Eric, Sean, Paul

New rendering infrastructure

Addressing VTK limitations in data model (materials, edge/face data, molecular data)

Double Precision / Native Precision

  • Leader: ?
  • Required: Brad, Gunther, Cyrus, Hank, Mark, Kathleen
  • Also interested: Jeremy, Eric

Merge GUI/viewer address spaces, same binary, refactor viewer rendering, help engine become in-situ library

  • Leader: ?
  • Required: Jeremy, Sean, Brad, Cyrus (everyone?)
  • Also interested:

Parallel error handling, factor out MPI

  • Leader: Mark
  • Required: Mark, Hank
  • Also interested: Jeremy, Kathleen, Eric, Cyrus

Higher discrete dimensional support (time, model, frequency, mode, etc.), and higher continuous dimensions

  • Leader: Jeremy
  • Required: Jeremy, Hank
  • Also interested: Mark, Sean, Gunther

Changing plugin interface, particularly databases and detecting formats

Named selection, native subsetting

  • Leader: Hank
  • Required: Hank, Jeremy, Mark
  • Also interested: Eric

Create new sources, create pipelines from database-forward, all filtering related stuff, expressions/ops/queries, saving and loading of sources

  • Leader: Dave
  • Required: Dave, Jeremy, Sean
  • Also interested: Mark, Kathleen, Cyrus
  • More information: Sources

Python Filters

  • Leader: Cyrus
  • Required: Cyrus
  • Also interested: Sean

New Python API

Parallelism over time

  • Leader: Brad
  • Required: Brad
  • Also interested: Jeremy, Mark, Sean

Other controversial GUI Stuff (no more selected files, dock widgets, main window re-organization, etc.)


  • Leader: Hank
  • Required: Gunther, Hank
  • Also interested: Paul
  • Took place on: July 20th
  • Participants: Hank, Cyrus, Tom, Eric, Gunther
  • More information : Caching2.0