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This page describes some history of visitusers.org, why it exists, important policies, and how you can help the site continue to thrive.


Visitusers.org was started in 2007 as a way to create a public VisIt community of a type that was just not possible by LLNL at the time. That's why this is a privately run site. Over the years, the site grew to hundreds of daily users who come to read about and get tips on using the VisIt software.


A vibrant community wiki needs good content and community participation. A good deal of material has originated here on visitusers.org with authors from variety of institutions, and people writing in their liesure time. You are adding content for the good of the community and for the VisIt users who come here daily to look for tips on using the VisIt software. By contributing your content to this wiki, you are committing that such content will remain freely available. This wiki format can be more alive and up to date than any "code as doc" solution. Please keep it up to date and support this community here at visitusers.org.

  • Please volunteer your expertise.
  • Contributions to this site are to be made freely and will remain freely available. Think of it as a donation to the community.
  • Contribute original, factual, up to date information and make updates that keep this site interesting.
  • Stop in and take care of this content once in a while.
  • If you plan to use content here elsewhere, do not also delete the original content from this site. If something is out of date, please update it.
  • When an article is converted or republished outside visitusers.org, the list of authors who contributed to the article must be listed as authors in the derived content (filtering out authors of insignificant contributions is acceptable).
  • Please consider whether you would want your website being used for purposes that could diminish its traffic or importance and behave accordingly here.
  • No spam!
  • Vandals or other troublemakers will lose site access.


  • visitusers.org does not exist to "hold your work hostage".
  • Nobody is stopping you from copying the entire site or huge swaths of it, but it could be viewed as predatory against this site. Most websites would also share this opinion on mass copying of content. Consider instead helping out here (or perhaps continuing to help out here) or linking to the pages here rather than copying them elsewhere to use the format du jour.


Please use visitusers.org and contribute to it and keep it going. If all the value here (existing and future content) goes elsewhere then this site will die. If visitusers.org becomes nothing more than an inactive, hollowed-out shell because content has been harvested and migrated then there is no further purpose for it, nor for the expenses and upkeep involved in keeping the site going. Visitusers.org has been around for over a decade and has a good track record of providing information to the VisIt user community.