Adding annotation object

Creating a new type

  1. Run xmledit on /common/state/AnnotationObject.xml.
  2. Add a type for your new annotation object.
  3. Review the attributes and make sure that the attributes you need are available.
    • All of the annotation objects use the same atts. For example, they all have doubleAttribute1. Each annotation object will assign its own semantics to each member of the attributes, including possibly ignoring them.
  4. Run "xml2atts -clobber AnnotationObject.xml

Modifying the Qt interface

  1. Create Qvis<YourAnnotationObjectType>Interface.[Ch] in /gui.
    • This almost certainly involves copying an existing Interface class.
  2. Modify QvisAnnotatObjectInterfaceFactory to be aware of your new type.

Modifying AVT to create the object

  1. Modify /src/avt/VisWindow/Colleagues/VisWinAnnotations.C
    • The method you want is VisWinAnnotations::AddAnnotationObject. Add a new case to the switch statement for your new type.
  2. Create a new module /src/avt/VisWindow/Colleagues/avt<YOURTYPE>Colleague.[Ch]