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There are different ways that VisIt can be used to make movies. For example, you can use VisIt's built-in movie saving capabilities using the Save movie wizard or you can control everything yourself using Python scripting. For most movies, the Save movie wizard should suffice. For the most complex movies, it is often the case that you write Python code to create the movie frames and then you encode the movie yourself using external tools. There is a medium ground too: you can write Python code and then use VisIt's visit -movie script to take care of generating the frames in multiple resolutions and take care of the movie encoding.

We have some of the topics that come up in movie-generation covered but we might need some more content:

  • How to add logos to the movie
  • How to animate a curve plot in a viewport

Since Python scripting figures prominently in VisIt movie-making, there is good cross-over with the Scripting category.