We estimate that well over one hundred simulation codes use VisIt for their visualization and analysis needs.

This page contains a partial listing of those codes. Some of the codes that use VisIt or could use VisIt (because VisIt reads their format) are listed on the supported file formats page.

Code Science area Mesh type File format Institutions involved Website
Ale3d Multi-physics Unstructured Silo LLNL, used many places here
Ares Multi-physics Multiblock Structured Silo LLNL
Cactus Math infrastructure AMR visitCarpet (HDF5) many, including LSU here
Cale Hydrodynamics Structured PDB LLNL
Castro Supernovae AMR Boxlib LBL & Princeton here
Chombo Math infrastructure AMR Chombo (HDF5) LBL & others here
Chimera Astrophysics Structured Silo ORNL & others

CLAW Hyperbolic PDEs AMR CLAW (HDF5) UWashington here
DDCMD Molecular dynamics particles DDCMD LLNL
Denovo Radiation Transport Multiblock Structured Silo ORNL
Djehuty 3D Hydrodynamic Stellar Evolution Multiblock Structured Silo LLNL
dolfyn CFD Unstructured VTK Noord-Brabant, Netherlands here
FACETS Integrated Fusion Device Modeling all VizSchema (HDF5) 9 institutions here
FLASH Astrophysics AMR FLASH (HDF5) UChicago & others here
GenASiS Astrophysics Magneto Hydrodynamics AMR Silo ORNL

GoLP Laser & Plasma interaction Unstructured Silo (?) Technical University of Lisbon here
HiFi/SEL Multiphysics, Extended MHD Focus Multiblock Structured XDMF (HDF5) Univ. of Washington-Seattle, NRL, & Princeton here
Hydra Fusion Multiblock Structured Silo LLNL [1]
ITAPS Code interoperability All ITAPS (many formats) LLNL, Argonne, & more here
Kiva Combustion Unstructured hexahedral or tetrahedral SILO LANL here
LAVA CFD Unstructured, Structured, AMR HDF5 NASA here
Nek5000 Computational fluid dynamics Unstructured Nek5000 (binary) Argonne & others here
NIMROD Magnetohydrodynamics Structured VizSchema (HDF5) U. Wisconsin, Tech-X Corporation, Utah State, U. Washington here
OVERFLOW Aerodynamics / CFD Structured / Overset OVERFLOW NASA here
SAMRAI Multi-physics AMR SAMRAI (HDF5) LLNL, NYU, & others here
SAS Nuclear reactors Unstructured SAS (binary) Argonne none
SIMPSON 3D DNS fluid dynamics, solving turbulent boundary layers Rectilinear Silo (?) Princeton Univ, Controls & Dynamics/Electric Propulsion none
SNAZ Supernova AMR Boxlib Univ of Arizona here
SWIM Fusion Various Various 12 institutions here
Tetrad Reservoir simulation Unstructured HDF5 INL
Trilogy Metrology Unstructured Silo Alignment Services Company here
UEDGE Plasma edge modeling Multiblock structured VizSchema (HDF5) LLNL, Tech-X Corp here
Uintah Explosions, Combustion, Fires, & more Structured AMR Grids with support for MPM particles Uintah Data Archive (uda) Univ of Utah here
UNIC Radiation transport Unstructured UNIC (HDF5) Argonne none
VORPAL EM and plasma simulation Structured VizSchema (HDF5) Tech-X Corporation and the University of Colorado here

There are three ways to get on this list:

  1. Direct user feedback
    • By placing it in the Wiki personally
    • By asking a VisIt developer to place it in for them
      • (An initial email went out to visit-users requesting the user community to populate this list)
  2. A VisIt developer supports a simulation team and knows that they use the tool frequently
  3. A simulation code's website represents actively using VisIt
    • For example, having a webpage describing how to use VisIt to visualize their results