Create relnotes

The release notes tell VisIt users what features have been fixed or added since the last release. The release notes are contained in an HTML file in the VisIt help directory, which is in the top level of VisIt’s source code tree.

The easiest way to create the release notes for a new version of VisIt is to create a new file based on the previous version’s release notes. Suppose you want to create release notes for VisIt 1.4.2, you should begin by copying relnotes1.4.1.html to relnotes1.4.2.html. Once you do that, make sure you have write permission on the new file and then open it in a text editor. Once you can write to the file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the new release notes file in a text editor.
  2. Replace all occurrences of the previous version number with the new version number.
  3. Remove all of the old release notes items, which are stored between <li></li> tags and add some empty <li></li> tags to fill in.
  4. Run clearquest and do a query to find out all of the defects that were resolved in the new version of VisIt.
  5. Add a sentence or two about each of the defects that were resolved in the new version of VisIt. Note that copying the headline from the defect report is not usually enough information because the headlines are often incorrect or not worded suitably.
  6. Once you’ve finished editing the new release notes file, save it.
  7. Make the release notes be a Subversion object (svn add relnotes1.4.2.html / svn commit)
  8. Edit the link at the bottom of the previous release notes file so there is a next link that points to the new release notes file. Look at some of the existing release notes files for examples.

Once you have updated the release notes, you must update them further if you check in any more fixes or enhancements into the release candidate branch.