Data Tutorial

This page links to materials that are used for a tutorial on getting your data into VisIt. The best source of information on making your data compatible with VisIt is the Getting Data Into VisIt Manual. The manual covers a few existing file formats and how to create data for those formats, how to create file format readers, and how to instrument simulation codes to share data in situ with VisIt.

This tutorial introduces the topics covered in the Getting Data Into VisIt Manual.


  1. VisIt Overview
  2. File formats that VisIt supports ( wiki version)
  3. Writing a C++ file format reader
  4. Using VisIt in situ (slides)

Other Links

The wiki has many useful pages that show how to create data files that VisIt can read, using existing file formats or libraries that aid in file creation.

Look at the Reading/Writing data page category to see wiki pages that address reading and writing data files that VisIt will like.

There are also many examples showing how to use VisIt's libsim in situ library:

Previous Tutorials

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