Downloading and Installing VisIt

Where to get VisIt

Download VisIt Executables

How to install VisIt

Installing on UNIX and Mac

  • visit-install syntax
  • picking a network configuration
  • picking a default bank

Installing on Windows

Using the installation wizard is pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions on each screen until done.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Components page, showing how to remove some of the database readers to possibly improve startup performance.

DB Screen2 smaller.jpg DB Screen3 smaller.jpg

With VisIt 2.3.0 and newer, you can run the installer from a command prompt, and pass it certain parameters to override defaults and to run in silent mode. Available options are as follows:

-ALLUSERS                   Install for all users. (Must be an admin. On Vista and Win 7, you will be prompted to 
                            elevate privileges, even in silent mode, unless you RunAs admin).
                            Default: install for current user

-SITE <llnl_open | llnl_closed | anl | asu | awe | clemson | lanl | lanl_closed | lsu | ncar | ncsa | nersc | nics |
       ornl | ohio | princeton | sandia | sandia_closed | slac | eth_zurich | cscs | umich | utah>
                            Specifies host profiles to be installed
                            Default: None

-PB <parallel bank>         Specifies parallel bank (FOR LLNL host-profiles)
                            Default: bdivp

-DB <database reader>       Specifies a default database reader for VisIt. (eg Silo, FLASH, etc).
                            Default: NONE.   

-DEV                        Install plugin development tools.
                            Default: no plugin dev tools.

-LIBSIM                     Install libsim tools.
                            Default: no libsim tools.

-AssociatePython            Associate python files (.py) with VisIt.
                            Default: don't set up association.

-AssociateCurves            Associate curve files (.curve, .ultra, .ult, .u) 
                            with VisIt.
                            Default: don't set up association.

/S                          Make install silent.

/D <installationdir>        Change install directory to <installationdir>.  
                            Default is %PROGRAM FILES% for ALL USERS and user's AppData folder for single user.  
                            MUST BE THE LAST PARAMETER!

What to do if you run into trouble

VisIt hangs at startup

Networking problems ...

VisIt runs but does not draw an image

OpenGL driver not configured properly (usually on Linux)