Our Subversion repository is hosted by NERSC at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Here's how you get access:

  1. Send a note to Hank Childs (hchilds at lbl dot gov) or Eric Brugger (brugger1 at llnl dot gov) indicating you would like to be in the repository.
  2. Submit a webform to NERSC requesting you get added.
    • Select a Standard account.
    • In the Organization box, try typing in the first few letters of your organization's name. It should present you with candidates matching that name.
    • In the Principal Investigator and active repository box, type visit and select the one and only matching entry.
    • In the description box, please include a statement that you need to be added to visit and visitdev user groups on NERSC systems.
    • Reveiw the user agreement, scroll to the bottom and complete the Attestation and complete the submission.
  3. You may also be asked to submit this form. Its the same user agreement that appears on the account request.
  4. You should get a notice from the NERSC folks letting you know when the account is ready.
  5. Once you have an account and can log into NERSC systems such as edison or cori, then you will want to confirm you have read/write access to the VisIt repository. So, do the following...
    • svn co svn+ssh://<username>
    • edit the nersc_username_to_email script in scripts adding an entry for yourself
    • svn commit -m 'adding a new user'
  6. email jsmeredith at ornl dot gov, hankchilds at lbl dot gove, brugger1 at llnl dot gov or pugmire at ornl dot gov and request to be added to the visit-developers email list.
  7. In addition, you way want to be added as a developer to the VisIt Redmine and Wiki sites. If so, please contact brugger1 at llnl dot gov with that request.
  8. Finally, be sure to read SVN_Commit_Policy regarding requirements to email developers about your subversion activities.