NetworkManager test coverage

The engine's network manager is responsible for updating and executing plots, as well as adding rendering features (such as shadows, or depth cueing) -- normally via some sort of compositing.

If you're hacking the network manager, you might find the following tests useful to ensure you don't ruin any existing functionality. All tests are relative to the /test/tests directory from a root checkout (e.g., the trunk). Headers note the feature which is tested; if the tests underneath a heading work, you can be reasonably assured that you did not break this feature.

  • Post processing. After rendering, we can apply some additional `image based plots' to overlay on the image.
    1. plots/ -- Utilizes the ray tracer and volume plot.
  • Image compositing. At many stages in the rendering pipeline, we will render something, and then read it back so that the image can be an input to another stage.
    1. rendering/
    2. session/
    3. session/ (fastest)
  • Viewported Mode. In some situations, we perform a render which is not the same size as the render window -- rather it is the size of the `viewport'. Later, we'll translate and scale everything so that it fits in the VisWindow the way it should.
    1. rendering/ -- This is the fastest test which utilizes viewported mode. Note that only the third image (of the rainbow) utilizes this mode.
  • 2D, no screen capture
    1. rendering/ -- The script tests offscreen saving ('screen capture' disabled). Tests _09 and _10 test screen save of a 2D window.