We run nightly regression tests of the VisIt project. When a regression test fails, every developer who modified the code will get an e-mail describing which tests failed. This is enabled by a script that maps your username to an e-mail address. You need to modify this script so that it is aware of you.

Note: this is a good "first checkin" for the VisIt project.

Here are the steps:

  1. Check out the source code.
    • You probably want to look at this page to see how VisIt uses Subversion.
      • This page tells you how to access the repository using our scripts.
    • You probably want to customize your SVN environment, including setting up passwordless ssh to the SVN repo. See Customizing SVN.
    • You can then check out the source code with ~/svn_bin/co_trunk /src
  2. cd trunk/src/svn_bin
  3. Edit the file nersc_username_to_email
    • Make a change to the modifications log at the top of the file.
    • Add a case to the switch statement with your NERSC username and your normal e-mail address.
  4. View your changes
    • We all really like tkdiff, which is Subversion friendly and can be controlled entirely from the keyboard.
      • To find out more about tkdiff, see the "checking differences" section of this page.
      • "svn diff" is also an option.
  5. Check in your changes
    • svn commit -m 'adding a new user'
  6. Send out an e-mail to the visit-commits mailing list announcing your change.
    • Details about the e-mail, as well as our norms for the commit process, are described here.
      • You do not need to worry about release notes, bug trackers, or formal documentation for a change like this.