Redmine Reports

The VisIt team developed a set of python scripts to generate compact pdf reports from redmine queries. These reports are useful for reviewing issues at team meetings.

Python Dependencies

Download the source for the 'pyrmine' module. (This will be placed in the VisIt repo to start, but could probably be placed in a more general location like github.)

Install pyrmine
cd tools/redmine/pyrmine; python install
Install other packages via easy_install

If necessary setup easy_install for your python instance:

curl -o setuptools-0.6c11.tar.gz 
tar -xzvf setuptools-0.6c11.tar.gz
cd setuptools-0.6c11
python install

Then use easy_install to obtain the other required python modules.

easy_install pyPdf
easy_install reportlab
easy_install html5lib
easy_install pisa

Dec 2014 update: for newer versions of the packages, pisa has a bad check for the reportlab version. If you have reportlab 3.0 or greater, the logic that looks for reportlab greater than 2.2 fails. To resolve this you have to hand edit the file in the pisa install.

Here are some bread crumbs:

Create a custom redmine query

  • Log into VisIt's redmine instance.
  • Click on "Issues"
  • Construct & save a query
  • Look on the right hand side of the page and mouse over your newly created query.
  • Locate the "query_id" number at the end of the query url.

Run the report generation script

Report generation script usage:

./ [query_id] [output_base]


./ 9 visit-issues-output

Query id '9' is actually the id of a project wide query that shows all unassigned issues, sorted by state.

(Also of interest is query id '6', which is the id of a project wide query that shows all new issues)

This will create:

  • visit-issues-output.html
  • visit-issues-output.pdf