Running VisIt in parallel

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Running in parallel ...

You will probably need to build Visit to ensure that it works with your version of MPI.

Setting up a host profile

This Wiki page has not been written yet. Until then, your best bet is to look at the excellent video tutorial by Brock Palen on how to set up a host profile on YouTube [1].

Host profile window

Setting up host information in Python

You must explicitly open a compute engine if you want control over how it will launch when you run from Python. You will get the Engine chooser window as normal when you run with a window but most Python sessions are run without a window using the -nowin flag. When you run without a window, you must specify all of the parallel launcher arguments (see visit -fullhelp).

# Example (correct this later, give examples for specific machines)
OpenComputeEngine("localhost", ("-nn", "8", "-np", "16", "-l", "psub", "-p", "pbatch"))