Subversion Administration


The VisIt subversion repository is currently hosted at NERSC. You can login to via ssh, using your NERSC username and password. The repository root is located at /svn/visit.

By default, your shell is vrsh and your path is /cvs/bin. You can't seem to run any program which requires reading from stdin (including bash!), export a new PATH. Even still, working with hooks is slightly annoying; see svn_bin/hooks/ in the repository.


Subversion has a series of hook scripts which can be executed on the basis of a transaction (commit). The VisIt project employs some of these.

  • pre-commit: currently disabled, but we'd like to verify
    • consistent indentation (e.g. no tabs)
    • TRY has a corresponding ENDTRY.
  • post-commit: has a number of scripts
    • CIA bot notifier.
    • warns when updating state objects, to regenerate autogenerated code.