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Welcome to the User Documentation page. Visit has several existing sources of documentation, including our online User Manuals This page provides links to those manuals and also includes wikis that expand on the material in the manuals.

User Documentation Links

These links will take you to topics of interest for users. You may also be interested in some Projects that use VisIt.

Getting started



Getting data into VisIt

VisIt can read over 100 different file formats. If you're writing data with a popular code, or using a popular format, VisIt may already have a reader for it. You can check here:

If you want to be able create simple files and get them into VisIt, here are some simple ways to do this:

Many file formats often rely on a binary, scalable I/O layer, like HDF5 or NetCDF. However, these are usually not standalone formats themselves, but typically the basis for more comprehensive, self-describing formats. Here is some information about these I/O layers and the formats that use them:

Other information about getting data into visit:

Advanced topics

Programming examples



Operator Documentation

Reader Documentation

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